Community, Mission & Vision


Oregon City, located at the confluence of the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers in NW Oregon, is the oldest incorporated city west of the Rockies. Established in 1829, Oregon City incorporated in 1844 and became the capital of the Oregon Territory in 1849. The city is rich in historic homes and buildings and hosts several Interpretive Centers and Museums.


In partnership with home and community, OCSD empowers students to take ownership of their education and well-being by elevating their voices, and encouraging them to pursue their passions and explore new interests. 


We envision a future in which every student has the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and achieve success while learning in their own ways, and where school culture supports well-being and connection that enables every student to thrive.

Our Core Values

In everything we do, we focus on (CORE VALUES):

Student Success:

Every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. We prioritize evidence-based instructional practices and personalized learning to ensure that every student is challenged and supported to reach their goals. 


We recognize that each student is unique and may require different supports to thrive. Therefore, we prioritize individualized care and attention to each student's needs. By creating a strong foundation for student well-being, we aim to help students develop the skills, confidence, and resilience they need to succeed both in school and beyond.


Together we foster strong partnerships with families, community organizations, and local businesses to promote student success and community engagement. We recognize that education is a community endeavor and seek to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure that every student has the resources and support they need to thrive.

Staff Advanced Achievement

Oregon City Schools employ over 900 dedicated staff members. Our staff has advanced certifications, degrees and all share a passion for education and collaboration.

The following teachers and administrators have National Board Certification, Doctorate Degree or have earned an equivalent advanced license.


  • Ashby, Shannon

  • Blanchard, Michelle

  • Butler, Danielle

  • Chapman, Jennifer

  • Crutcher, Jennifer

  • Dawson, Elsa

  • Deboy, Sara

  • Dunscomb, Angela

  • Ekeren, Laurie

  • Figgins, Teresa

  • Fisher, Kathryn

  • Hanson, Jessica

  • Hedeen, Chris

  • Henry, Valerie

  • Kates, Ben

  • Kline, Edward

  • Kobor, Kathleen

  • Leininger, Erin

  • Levy, Lucia

  • Linehan, Suzan

  • Longfellow, Dean

  • Lovell, Peter

  • Ota, Stephanie

  • Pilorget, Sara

  • Roth, Meryl

  • Seppi, Kelli

  • Smith, Tonya

  • Sorensen, Hannah

  • Spitzer, Dayle

  • Strope, Kelly

  • Treadwell, Adrienne

  • Trombetta, Laura

  • Willis, Aaron

  • Wixson, Erin

  • Zannetti, Mary